Parque Industrial, lote 10 - 8900-216 Vila Real de Santo António
Tel. 281 512 638

Our modern pastry and bakery factory specializing in Regional Sweets offering a variety of regional and typical Algarvian Cakes such as Frutinhos do Algarve, Morgado, Tarte de Laranja and all conventional pastries. We make personalized cakes for Birthday or for other special occasions.





About Us

We are a local company specializing in catering services and customer service. Our mission is to provide our customers with a diverse experience of services that we provide in our restaurants and accommodation.

Coração da Cidade Group
Dom Pedro V Street, 45
8900-283 Vila Real de Stº António
+351 966590997


Empresa distinguida PME Excelência por 5 anos consecutivos.